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Why Kettlebells?

Earlier today a friend of mine asked my advice on whether or not he should make kettlebell training a part of his regular workout routine. I told him sure, why not. While it is easy to say why not to almost anything I want to shed some light on the why yes of kettlebell training. Simply put, kettlebell training is a great way to work several muscles simultaneously while keeping your pulse elevated. But lets dig a little deeper. While you are swinging those metal bells around, your body's center of gravity is constantly shifting. This causes you to use your core more to keep your balance. Kettlebells are also great at creating muscle confusion. While doing a simple kettlebell swing your core muscles, quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, calves, shoulders, biceps, triceps, chest, and back all get involved. This is different from traditional exercise movements that generally work only a few muscles at a time. Finally, because of the previously mentioned benefits, kettebell training is a great way to burn calories. Calorie expenditure will always be greater when you can repeatedly involve several muscles at once. So if you have the itch to try out kettlebells go ahead and scratch because the why kettlebells question has been answered.

Click the link below for some ideas of what to do for your kettlebell workout

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