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Staying Active During the Holidays

Did you know that during the holiday season someone who is overweight will gain an average of 5 extra pounds? During the same time of year someone with a healthy weight will only gain an average of 1 pound. We all know that the holidays are a time to celebrate, be thankful, to give, and to enjoy family. Unfortunately or fortunately, however you decide to look at it, the holidays are also a time to eat and drink everything in sight. If you are like most people, this eating and drinking binge usually does not come with any added physical activity. Well I'm going to give you some easy tips on how to stay active during the holiday season.

Go Shopping

Going to malls and large shopping areas provide great opportunities for walking. Even if you are someone who likes to do all of their holiday shopping online, go window shopping or accompany a friend or family member on their last minute quest to finish their shopping. While you are out, make sure you take the stairs over the elevators and escalators.

Say "yes" to Playing With the Kids

Children normally have a continuous amount of energy to play, and they usually want to play with you. Instead of sitting on the couch watching TV, go ahead and give in to the constant requests to play. Wrestle, run, and jump with the little one's as long as you can, you will be sure to burn a few extra calories.

Shovel Snow Together

If you happen to live in a place where the climate presents a snow shoveling opportunity, take advantage of it. Don't hire someone to do it or using a machine. Grab shovels and your family move that snow together. You may even find a way to make a game out of it and have fun.

Check Out the Holiday Lights

Walk around whatever neighborhood you are in and enjoy looking at the various holiday lights and decorations. Notice that my recommendation was to walk and not drive around the neighborhood.

A Mile for Every $10

For every $10 you spend on holiday gifts, challenge yourself to walk a mile. This is also a great way to spend less on gifts so you do end up having to walk 30 miles. Feel free to adjust the $10 figure to fit your own spending practices.

Sign Up for a Holiday Race/Run

Usually there are several holiday runs and races to choose from. Find one in your area and give it your best. Most of the time you will get a t-shirt too, and you can't beat that.

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