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The "Come on Really"? excuses for not exercising

I recently had a conversation with a patron of the fitness club I manage about why some people decide not to exercise. He said a friend of his said they don't exercise because they see people who frequent the fitness club who don't appear different in their eyes. Of course both he and I agreed that it was a cop-out and this person didn't really want to exercise, but it go me to thinking about the best (I really mean worst) excuses I have heard people give to explain their sedentary lifestyle. So today is the birth of the "Come on Really"? list of excuses people come up with not to exercise.

1) It's too cold outside

My Response: Come on Really? The year is 2014 and there is a technology called central heat that I am sure any respectable fitness establishment uses to keep the temperature comfortable in those cold winter months. Anyone who uses this excuse doesn't want to workout.

2) It's too hot outside

My response: See above, but think air conditioning

3) I don't like to sweat

My response: Come on Really? Real, and I put an emphasis on real, exercise and sweat are older friends than cheese and burger, they just go together. If you are not willing to get at least a little sweaty when you work out then you are not serious about improving your fitness. Go grab a couch and some potatoes because that's what you are good for.

4) Exercise messes my hair up

My response: Come on Really? A little extra frizz in your hair after a workout is a small price to pay for a fit and healthy body. And get this, there is actually some research to support the claim that regular exercise is good for promoting healthy hair growth.

5) Exercise is hard

My response: Come on Really? Name 1 thing you have ever achieved that wasn't at least a little difficult. There is that old saying, "anything worth having is worth sweating and messing your hair up for". I actually just made that up.

Stay tuned to this subject, as I think of more I have heard of if I hear a new one I will be sure to share. If you have one you have used or heard, please share.

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