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I never really meant to write this book, it just kind of happened. When I started changing my diet around 2013 I began noticing changes in my muscle tone and definition and I had more energy for my workouts. So I started analyzing everything I was eating. The result was this book. Inside you'll find out how you can eat a diet that will change your body and your health forever. Included are recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacking and pre/post workout. There is also a chapter on timely eating which explains the best times to eat certain types of food. I even wrote an entire chapter on exercise that breaks down the different types of exercise and includes a workout planner to get you started. 



The 85/15 Diet Plan:

Making Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Simple


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There are certain questions you ask a new client before setting them up with an exercise or nutrition program. How often they currently workout or what kind of foods do they currently eat. Normally clients answer without hesitation. But when I ask a new client about their bathroom (toilet) habits, their reactions are none other than embarrassment. Believe it or not, how often and the type of bathroom breaks you have tell a lot about your health. Therefore, I decided to write this book about #1 and #2 in an effort to remove awkwardness from topics that are normal, bodily processes. Inside I discuss how your behavior effects your bathroom breaks. You will also learn the difference between the healthy and unhealthy appearance of your "toilet contents". By the time you're finished reading you will have had a few laughs and possess the embarrassment-free ability to discuss this topic.


The Toilet Book: What Goes in Matters


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